Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The House -in progress

The Small window up there is for looking inside of the house. I would really love somebody to build another world in there! Video, installation, another drawing/painting, whatever is possible. I think it would be possible to combine even very different kind of works with this very clear interior/outerior. The front porch would be especially good place to create something.

I will put more pictures of the house on august, when I start to draw on it.

My plan is to paint it white and draw the house on the house. And some landscape while I am at it. Maybe add some colour to it also. I am not sure should I put the chimney too...It could pour out something....or some thing.

The Dimensions are: lenght 265 cm, hight 189 cm and width 138 cm. Its made of 4 mm plywood and 2"x2" s mostly. Its put together with screws, so it is possible to unbuild to a panel and wood for moving around (its not a very light box, though..).

Hi Everyone!!

Following are pictures of the progress of my House that I will be bringing to the Symposium. So it´s a house.

...It was kind of surprise for me too. I guess I have painted too many canvases lately.


  1. Very impressive!!

    I am really interested on making a world inside your house. something very colourfull and complicated. maybe plastic junk/toy installations..

    I am even considering now, that i am not bringing any clear ideas/materials with me, but rather just work on what other people have brought. then i would really have a lot of time to collaborate and make things together with others.


  2. Kaija suggested that I would make my bubbles come out of the chimney. But there is no chimney..!! I think bubbles (balls sounded just too "raw") would like to collaborate with the house somehow, but maybe more outside of it. For several years I've had this idea called "Pom Pom Puu", which is basically an installation of pom poms in a tree. I was fascinated by their roundness and softness, and the idea of sculpting them with just scissors and hang them up in a tree -BUT. It appeared (after making like 5 pom poms) that it was a way too boring an idea to execute. Well, maybe I can make it out of my new round friends.