Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making Of Plants

Opening is already tomorrow! The past week and a half has been full of work and.. well, work! Lot of fun as well, though. Here's some making of -pictures of the symposium.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

House Painted!

Ok, now there is a bit of paint also...

Pictures from the left side.

Pictures from front, back and sides of the house.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hi dear friends!

I am finally in : ) and couple of ideas, finally, started to grow in
my head. After considering all the circumstances I have decided for
this "growing architecture" - videosculpture:

According to the installation: I see more possibilities;
a) to built a cardboard box and place a small LCD in it
b) use a rear video projection and project video on a wall with
opening from back side – from the front side of the wall, the image as
the one on youtube would be see ; from the back side the whole scene
of the action would be scene – that means whole sculpture and me
struggling with it
c) I let the video as it is to Dusan and let him handle it as a found
footage and do whatever he likes.
d) combination of all three possibilities : )

Now the question, do you have any technical equipment, which I could
use? (lcd, projector,…)

my best, Pavla

Hello to all,
I decided to react (c) and create something like a portable garden or
gallery. It is going to be a stand for a videoframe (digitalphoto
frame) with real flowers incorporated. Height will be something around
1 meter. I have always wanted to make one...something like a unfilled
wish of a hobby freak ... (My grand parents used to have them in their
living room....)
looking forward and best regards.Dusan

Monday, August 9, 2010

picture in pieces

hey all planting idea artists,
I'm creating a picture in zurich. I plan to cut this picture in many littel pieces & I would like to send you one of these pieces, on wich you can add someting & send it to kolin...
In Kolin I will reconstruct the picture made out of this little pieces and hopefully most of the pieces would be there then.....

I know its not much time left now....but it would be great if you could mail(if you like to participate in this growing picture) me your home or studio adress, and maybe you are already in kolin, so I would send the piece of the picture there....

I don't know if there are already plans for this "wooden house", but maybe it would be possible to install the picture made out of this little pieces in this house?

I will write you an email......
I'm looking foreward to seeing you

Wednesday, August 4, 2010