Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another idea

Hi again,

the second idea I have is something that I would like everyone to contribute to. It would be a wall full of Lomo film pictures with the subject matter of love, affection, kisses, cuteness, hugs, happyness, etc.

The reason why I want to do a happy-happy-joy-joy type of an art piece is that it feels like I am always making art about something that is not right. I am critizising the gender hierarchys, the sexual politics, the society, the environmental politics, the escapism, etc. My art makes people laugh occasionally, but the h
umor is always black or ironic.

So this is my attempt to make something that feeds from positive. And to also create something that is positive and fun to make. And to me this is hard, even now when I think about the name for this piece my mind goes back to it's old habits and comes up with names like: "The photo moment lasts less than a second", "The biggest diversion on earth", "In 100 years all is dead" and all pathetic names possible to come up with. So as you can see, I really need help with this! To stay focused on the main idea and not wonder of to the cosy field of agony.

I would also hope that people already have lomo cameras or they know a friend of a friend with a lomo camera that they could borrow. And if everyone could take a couple of rolls of film, there would be a full wall of love from different countries and people.

Here's an example of one photo that I have taken.

And here's a link to lomo cameras in general:

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