Friday, June 25, 2010

Having zero ideas, just fragments of colors, materials and such, so I thought I should approach the whole thing from a practical point of view:

It has to be something that can be operated in two weeks without having to compromise with the end result. And it has to be something that can be removed to another place. And I’d really want it to be site specific, installation of some kind BUT I’d also love to make a real story, with a hint of comic or such. Yeah, quite a wishlist..

I’ve been trying to paint along the spring but somehow been feeling a bit depressed with the oil colors. It’s such a demanding material and I’m more used to acrylics and pencils and paper cut, quick, clear, impatient materials. I’ve been dying to get some new, fresh idea, some new toy or an inspiring obsession.. and few nights ago I got it!

This might sound silly but I was wondering what I could do with all these old stockings my miniature apartment is full of –little holes here and there, faded colors and stains, but all in all, still not something to just throw away. So it hit me like a hammer, that I HAVE to go and buy cotton and start filling the stockings to make little, soft, colorful balls. For what? Well, that I don’t know yet… All I know that I’m definitely bringing them with me to Kolin, and they’re somehow part of the art piece I’m making there.

Any ideas?

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  1. For some reason I feel like burying the balls half into the ground, next to the boards I am taking with.

    Or then I feel like wearing them. Sew them on me until it's impossible to sew more....