Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Building, planting..

This was another thought of mine: little wooden sticks, a bit like matches, that I've used when I was a kid and now bumped into them in a children's art camp in June. It would be wicked to build something with them -they're fragile but still strick and wooden.


  1. You are so full of good ideas and pictures!

    It would be kind of cool to build these small miniature towers of these sticks and then build a huge tower out of the wooden blocks, that i am going to bring, both kind of distorted. Or I like the idea that the tower is first strickly well done and symmetrical and then it just gets out of hand...

  2. Or it would also be really neat to invade a whole room/corridor/wall/indoor space with these small sticks. It would look so monumental to have a room full of structures made out of these small sticks. Or more like a maze, where the viewer would have to carefully walk through it. OR the wiever could actually continue the structure. clue more distorted parts on it and then it would just grow forever. Kind of like the after school club just started to play with these sticks and then it just blew up!

  3. Sonja, do you have a clue if these sticks can be found from Kolin or Prague?