Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi everyone.

I have similar approach to the symposium as Aino. To use something that is lying around useless, but can be something inspiring.

I have had these small (10 x 15 cm) wooden boards for years waiting to be used. There's approximately 350 of them and they are 1 cm thick. And I have now decided to bring them with me. I am imagining several things what they could be.

-We could paint them with white gesso and draw things on them with pencil.
-We could build something of them, a tower, a maze, an iglu....
-We could paint them with bright colors and form one big wall, or a painting.
-They could be half buried in a ground, so that you could only see half of them, it would be like semetary for small drawings that change in time.
-All the pictures in the boards could form a one long story that everyone take part in. Kind of like making a 350 panel-comic that is made collectively.

I would really be excited to hear what you would do with them!


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